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Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess – Book Review

Elegant sophistication meets adorable puppies. How could I not fall in love?

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The Ultimate 2017 Reading Challenge

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where we good-naturedly set goals we break the next day, eat healthy foods for a week, and renew our memberships to gyms we never go to.

I do love a good reading challenge though, since they don’t involve kale or trying to figure out how that leg exerciser thingy works.

So why is it the “Ultimate” Reading Challenge?

Who knows. I don’t think there’s a board that vets these lists or anything, so I’m just gunna jump right in and deem mine the “ultimate.”

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Ben – Book Review

A touching and beautifully illustrated story about a bee and the man who loves him.

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Best in Travel 2017 – Book Review

Thought I should start this year off on the right foot. A travelling, reading, beautiful picture-taking foot!

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Bookstagram Giveaway – $100 Amazon Gift Card!

I have an awesome giveaway! Some of my instagram besties and I have decided to team up to spread some Christmas cheer!

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Alterations Book Blitz

One of my good friends from Instagram just had her book release this week, so I thought I would support her by participating in the book blitz! So here we go!

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Leave Me Alone! – Book Review

The perfect book for people who love knitting, goats, and escape routes through wormholes.

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12 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Read Them

In honour of the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them I’ve put together a little list of some fantastic beasts… and where to find them!

If there’s one thing I love in this world of books, it’s Harry Potter and all things JK Rowling. When the Fantastic Beasts book came out in 2001, it just blew my mind that there could be companion books to such amazing stories. I poured over Fantastic Beasts and studied its pages for ages. I loved that book and all the ones that came after.

And so to celebrate part of my childhood appearing on the big screen, below you’ll find picture books featuring gryphons, dragons, trolls, and one very adorable narwhal.

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Mighty Jack – Book Review

We all know the story. Jack buys beans. Jack grows beanstalk. Jack goes on adventure.

…But what if the beanstalk fought back?
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