Elegant sophistication meets adorable puppies. How could I not fall in love?

Title: Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess
Author and Illustrator: Janet Hill 
Rating: 10
Readability: 10
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Description from Goodreads:

Miss Wilhelmina Moon is a dog governess. At her first placement, on a small island off the coast of France, her new charges – sixty-seven dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors – run wild. But armed with patience and a passion for teaching, as well as her companions, Mitford the monkey and Petunia the French bulldog, Miss Moon soon imparts twenty important lessons to her furry brood. Some are practical, some are playful, one or two are a little unusual, but all are necessary for the raising of happy, healthy and well-mannered dogs (and humans).

What I Thought:

This book is truly a delight.

The gorgeous oil painting illustrations are such a nice change from the typical picture book style. Each picture is rich with detail and personality.

I loved that this was a collection of life lessons instead of a tale, because each of the lessons themselves is a story! Like, what on earth is the story behind the vandal Romeo pug named Bernie? Will Queenie ever know his true feelings? Or did Miss Moon make him clean up his declaration of love? My imagination is running wild!

Another beautiful snapshot we are presented with is Miss Moon reading a book to some rather large and frightened dogs, in order to “chase away the dark.” Their faces are so expressive, and Miss Moon’s figure so beautiful and comforting, I can’t help but love it.

Everything about this book is stunning. The dust jacket, the cover itself (which is a cameo of Miss Moon), the class picture at the end of the book… everything is immaculate.

The life lessons are also certainly not exclusive to dogs. They include:

Never stop learning.
The impossible can become possible with a little creativity.
Show your loved ones you care.

What? I’m not crying. You’re crying!


Miss Moon Wise Words from a Governess Book Review

How can you not love this? I love this!

Check out Janet Hill’s website to find more of her incredible work – prints, notebooks, and note cards! All as beautiful as this book.


Oil painting, nostalgia, life tips, and man’s best friend all rolled into one gorgeous package.